How to use COLMI SKY 1?

April 17, 2019 5 min read

How COLMI SKY 1 connect phone via Bluetooth?

NOTE: Please do not use the system Bluetooth to connect the watch.

Step 1: Power on

You need long press this button about 3-5 seconds to turn it on. (when first received it, can't turn on, please use the charger to charge it about half an hour then turn it on)


Step 2: Install “Wearfit 2.0” APP in your phone

Android phone:


Step 3: Open your phone’s Bluetooth and GPS

Step 4: Open the App “Wearfit 2.0”

Step 5: Connect the smart watch

5.1: Please choose "enter directly"

5.2: Select “ok”. (Only Android)

5.3: Please open "wearfit 2.0". (Only Android)

5.4: Click the “allow”. (Only Android)

5.5: In the app, choose “Me” and then choose “Connection Management”

5.6: Choose “Connect Band”

5.7: In this screen, click “SCAN”, and then find “SKY1”,single click it to connect.

5.8: Congratulations, you have successfully connected to the smart watch.


How to make the watch sync calls and messages:

Step1. Download app "WearFit2.0",using this app to connect the Bluetooth, follow this link
Step 2. Set the notification in the app, in your app (Me-Device Management-Smart Reminder-click Call Reminder and Message Reminder icon on)
Step3. Open your phone and app permission: in the phone setting- privacy permission -calls and messages permission
After doing this, your watch can sync calls and messages.
Note:if cant sync calls and messages, please reset the watch and re-install the app and try again, also you can use another phone have a try
After doing this, it still cant sync calls and messages ,please send your phone model and its version to our customer service, then feedback to the engineer to have a test.

Can’t your wristband receive App message reminder?

Please follow the steps below(take WeChat for example)
1. Keep Wearfit2.0 connected with wristband through Bluetooth.
2. Inside Wearfit2.0, turn off the reminder of the WeChat reminder through Menu-Device Management-Smart Reminders-App Reminder-and turn it on again.
3. Inside Wearfit2.0, turn off the Do Not Disturb mode through Menu-Device Management-Smart Reminders-Do Not Disturb mode.
4. Phone settings -more settings-assistive functions(some phones are accessible)-Wearfit2.0-turn on the Wearfit2.0-turn on the Wearfit2.0 switch.
5. Phone settings-Authority managerment-Wearfit2.0-Allowed all permissions for Wearfit2.0.
6. Phone settings -Notification and status bar-WeChat-Turn on the all notifications switch of WeChat.
Due to differences among Android systems, then enter path for the above settings may be different. When the phone screen is on the WeChat, the wristband will not remind; WeChat needs to be running in the background. If the wristband still cant not receive a message reminder, please check whether the phone is on power saving mode or Do Not Disturb mode when part function will be shielded

What language Sky1 watch supports:

Language: Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Japanese, French

How to change the watch language:

1> you need download app "Wearfit2.0" and connect the Bluetooth, follow this link steps:
2> when you connected the Bluetooth ,the language will sync.

How to change the watch face:

Follow this video to change the watch face:
long press the bottom area on homepage, when it vibrates, you click on the screen ,then choose the watch face, when you have chosen it, long press it to confirm this screen, then it becomes this watch face.

Why your watch can't turn on:

1.When first receive the watch ,you can long press the buttons to turn it on.
2.If cant turn on ,please use the charger with in the box to charge about half an hour then try to turn it on.
3.After charging it still can't turn on:
a) maybe the charging point has problem.
b) maybe the charger has problem.
c)maybe the watch has problem.

Why your watch cant touch:

This watch is not full touch screen, you need touch the bottom area.

Can text and make calls from this right is that how I’m reading it?

You receive phone call alerts when your phone rings. You receive texts on this watch. But you cannot initiate calls or texts from this watch.

How does this charge? And how long does the battery last per charge?

It has a charger. It can work about 7days per review according to your use. Everyone's use is different. For example, if someone has a phone call or if he has more information , those will be synchronized to the watch. Then his loss is faster. Normal life is a long time, but everyone's use is not the same so its life is not the same.

Does the screen turn on when you turn your wrist to look at the watch?

Yes, you can set in in the app Wearfit2.0(Me-Device Management-Hand-Up screen)

How to make blood pressure data more accurate:

Everything works fine but the blood pressure part. It is way off, meaning reading 50 points above normal each time. Is this a defect?

Answer: Thanks for your purchase as for your issue, i would like to offer you some tips:
1.Firstly I may suggest you to Set your personal-tailored BP mode, fill-in personal info includes height, age, tall, etc in the app please.
here is the steps :APP> "my"(the lower right.) >"profile">"height"/"weight/gender/birth year". That helps to calculate heart rate and blood pressure.
When you filling out personal bp information, I suggest you to back to dashboard and swipe down to get synchronizing.
Then wear smart fitness tracker to have a test again.

2.I suggest you to wear it and keep it close to skin, then green light flash, wait 15 seconds, results comes on.
For blood pressure testing, you may need to wait up to 35 seconds. Blood pressure testing tip: Keep your body relaxed and still while testing.
Keep device at the same height as where your heart is, and don’t talk while you are testing. NOTE: you'd better to make your arm with the tracker to stay in the same level with your heart when you testing your heart rate .it will more accurate.
Wait 15-20 seconds the results come in.
Could you try it again please?

And people in different status will show different data number. Could you please test more time in different situation and get an average number?
That's would be helpful to get the accurate number.
May i know what instruction you use to test your heart rate? we recommend you use the traditional, because it was recognized the most accurate.
Our test was based on that.
we have done more than hundred tests in different people about the heart rate and get the average number, it shows that outcome was close to their real number in great degrees. ,This watch was designed very sensitive,it can detect every 1% change everytime. that's the reason why i suggest you to test more see less.