How to use COLMI casual smartwatch?

August 01, 2018 1 min read

NOTE: Please do not use the system Bluetooth to connect the watch.

Step 1: Power on


When the watch is switched off, long press S2 and S3 buttons until “ON” shows in the center of dial, then the watch will be switched on.

Step 2: Install “Sports+” APP with your phone


Android phone: Install from Google Play


iphone: Install from APP Store

Step 3: Open your phone’s Bluetooth

  • Please do not use the system Bluetooth to connect the watch

Step 4: Open the App “Sports+”

Step 5: Open smartwatch’s Bluetooth


Long press S1 button (for about 3 seconds) until the bluetooth icon shows and flickers on dial, which means bluetooth has been turned on.

Step 6: Connect the smart watch


Congratulations, you have successfully connected to the smart watch.


User manual
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